Presented by Sudarsan Chakravarthy

Everything we all need to know has already been said.  There is no “new wisdom” to be invented. There is a lot to be discovered.  The treasury of spiritual wisdom preserved and bequeathed to humankind by Sages, Saints and Masters need to be unlocked and applied in order to master the art and science of successful living.

Here, you will find inspiring thoughts of philosophers, the compassionate words of Saints, the glorious visions of Masters, the instructions of the Enlightened, the teachings of Gurus, as well as the cutting insights of well-known and not-so-well-known people from many walks of life. All shared with you on a weekly basis through short mp3 audio clips.

Through consistent clarity, power and insight of the selections, this service is designed to give you just the right take on the situations and circumstances you are facing right here and now. You will certainly find answers to several questions that you may have. You may also be inspired to ask the right questions that can lead you on your own glorious pathway to the understanding of the real meaning and value of life as well as the supreme purpose for which it has to be lived.


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