81 incidents

81 noble persons

81 statements

Unlimited wisdom

Thirukkolur Ammal Varthaigal - A work that dates back to almost thousand years. It is a subtle, scholastic, insightful and inspiring submission by a noble lady who was the very embodiment of humility. About to abandon her hometown Thirukkolur, she meets none other than Swami Ramanuja, by chance. When the Acharya expresses his surprise that she is walking away from Thirukkolur, the home for highest knowledge, a place most sought after by all seekers, she spells out her incapacity and relative inadequacy to stay amidst the wise devotees of Thirukkolur through a string of 81 inspiring episodes linked to great and noble personalities. Her succinct statements are loaded with inspiring thoughts of philosophers, the compassionate words of Saints, the glorious visions of Masters, the instructions of the Enlightened, the teachings of Gurus, as well as the cutting insights of well-known and not-so-well-known people from many walks of life. In this unique presentation, the profound wisdom in each of the 81 statements is elucidated through a crisp commentary in English by Sri Sudarsan Chakravarthy and a musical rendition by Miss.Shruthi Chakravarthy. The music is composed by Smt.Indira Raghavan.

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