Is shipping of physical products done to anywhere in the world?
No, shipping of physical products is done within india only, at present.

How to add item in your shopping cart?
Click on the shop button. Products will be displayed. Products are available in physical format like CD/Book and Downloadable format like pdf, online version(html), entire tracks or individual tracks. Choose the choice.

Click the BUY button and you get a prompt that your selection has been added to Cart.

Multiple items can be added in the shopping cart. When you've finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, click the Cart icon found at the top of every page on the website. If you've added an item and visible on the shopping cart page, proceed to the next step.

Click the Checkout button and you will be directed to payment gateway. If you not a registered user or not signed in, you will be requested to login or register.

What will be shipping charges and mode of shipping?
Shipping charges which are charged extra are applicable only for physical products like CD or Books only. Shipping shall be done by reliable/popular courier agents/ Indian postal service/speed post and the shipping details shall be sent by email to the registered mail as soon as the dispatch is made.

As the shipping agent is an external agency, we do not have control on their delivery schedules/operations.

If you want to modify your order before you complete the checkout process, here's how?
Please remember that you can update or remove your selection before you check out.

Click on Cart button to modify your selection in your shopping cart.

Want to change the quantity for physical products like Books, CD, just change the quantity and click on update, for correct price calculation.

Want to remove an item from your Shopping Cart? Click the remove button that appears next to any item in your cart.

On purchase the link to download the tracks/files will be available from 3 days from purchase.

How long the links to download tracks/files will be active?
Link to download will be active for 3 days from the date of purchase or for downloading ONCE.

I am not able to download tracks/files from the link provided?
Please contact or fill in the feedback form in the contact page.

Amount debited but the transaction was not complete due to internet issues?
Please contact

When downloading the tracks/files the complete tracks/files is not getting downloaded?
Please contact